Successful design comes from insight and a great imagination.

From concept through to complete artwork and brand advice, our designers share creative solutions to achieve your marketing and business objectives.

Digital printing also gives us the ability to create personalised promotions tailored to your specific needs.

Solutions for Every Job

Offset and Digital Printing

Whatever your timeframe, budget, quantity or end finish, we can make it happen.

Our range of printing machines gives us the flexibility to choose the most appropriate machine to do your job. We continually invest in new offset print equipment complemented by the latest in digital technology. Your work will benefit from the latest technology.

Digital printing also gives us the ability to create personalised promotions tailored to your specific needs.

Thinking Big

Wide Format Printing

How big do you need it? Rigid or flexible?

Our digital service includes the latest in wide-format print technology. Specifically designed for large print applications requiring fine detail and high-resolution imagery. It gives us the ability to print on a variety of rigid and flexible substrates for display, retail and signage applications.

Digital printing also gives us the ability to create personalised promotions tailored to your specific needs.

Boosting Your Brand

Promotional Items

Looking for a unique branded gift or attention-grabbing promotional whatsit?

Blue Star Promote, one of our sister companies, specialises in providing a vast array of promotional products, corporate gifts and branded merchandising. You’ll find Promote’s creative approach delivers fresh products to boost your brand while making the most out of your budget.

Binding and Finishing

Adding the finishing touch to your products.

Book and wiro binding, die-cutting, laminating, foiling, folding and forming of presentation folders, and soft packaging. Whatever the end results you’re after, our in-house post-press finishing capabilities ensure your job gets the finish required.

Digital printing also gives us the ability to create personalised promotions tailored to your specific needs.

Genuine Craftmanship

Letterpress Printing

Have a desire for texture and feel? Want a genuine handcrafted look?

In an age of mass production, traditional letterpress printing is making a strong comeback. Our professionals have the craftmanship to deliver this for you. We’ve got a growing niche for hi-end corporate identity work and product packaging.

Online Ordering

Efficiently manage your stock levels and minimise wastage.

Our online system will let you order standard stationery and stored items via an easy to use portal. You can have a customised branded site, with a tailored ordering solution to suit your business needs.

We’ll help you efficiently manage your stock levels and delivery requirements while streamlining your ordering processes, printing and manage excess wastage.

Mail and Distribution

Our comprehensive mailing service packs and despatches nationwide and around the world.

We’re also a mailhouse partner with New Zealand Post, one of a limited number of organisations in New Zealand that meets NZ Post’s stringent requirements for preparing and lodging bulk mail.
We’ll make your mail distribution happen, hassle free.


With Blue Star’s acquisition of Southern Colour Print in mid-2022, we now produce stamps for 37 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas and Oceania.

Our products include gummed stamps, self-adhesive booklets, stamp rolls and first day cover envelopes, and we are able to include an impressive range of embellishments such as foiling and 3D embossing.


We’re also here to assist you in your self-publishing journey.

Turning your story, family history, or personal interests into reality. Whether you need 1, 10, or 1000 books, in any size, shape, or with any number of pages, we’ve got you covered.


Our in-house graphic designers are structural packaging design wizards. All we need is a sample of the product, or the size of the product, and we’ll do the rest.
We’ll produce a realistic 3D interactive PDF that can be viewed from various angles. This great tool lets you visualise a product before it’s manufactured.

Sample Making

We produce one-off samples of the actual product too, to test the strength, product fit, look and feel of the finished item. This gives you confidence that you’ll get what you’re expecting.


We’re skilled in producing a broad range of soft packaging in different sizes and on various stock weights and thicknesses (up to 700um). Specialised equipment allows in-line gluing and forming of packaging, presentation folders, CD sleeves and side-seam or crash-lock bottom boxes.