The Gift Box

The Gift Box [Packaging & Print]

Fineline Creative needed a packaging concept that would be able to house 400 cards (presented in individual sets), two books, two sets of instructions, three posters, and a “feel-o-meter”. It needed to be robust, the contents easily accessible and have the look and feel of a beautiful gift.

Designed to be used between people much like a board game to gauge their wellbeing – as the manual states “The Gift Box is full of gifts and tools for supporting ourselves and our loved ones in our life journey of self-discovery”. Being a multi-purpose box, it was essential that it was sturdy enough to withstand general wear-and-tear. Through much trial and error, a balance was found between form and function. The result being a double walled laminated box with individual slots for each card set to sit inside, allowing the booklets, posters, and instruction sheets to sit on top.

The result is a beautiful looking package, one that the the end user is delighted to be given.

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