Bluelab Pulse Meter



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Pulse Meter

Early this year one of our customers Bluelab approached us with a project. They were launching a new premium product overseas and they needed a premium and structurally strong package to house their product. The new product was the Pulse Meter which was able to send the data directly to a mobile app in real-time and get feedback in the field. The new packaging needed to house the Pulse Meter, a battery, a small screwdriver and the instruction booklet. The Bluelab design team supplied a design brief, a 3D printed prototype Pulse Meter and the rest of the products so that we could start creating concepts. We meet with the Bluelab design team to discuss the project further, we agreed upon a design and went to the next stage, die-line creation and mockups. The design consisted of a double walled box with a hinged lid, an insert which housed the battery, screwdriver, instruction booklet and most importantly the Pulse Meter itself, and finally a sleeve that held everything together. Mockups were produced and sent to the Bluelab team for testing. A couple of small alterations were made to the design then we released the die-lines to Bluelab’s design team so they could apply the artwork. The artwork was supplied back to us so that we could produce a full 3D render for their approval. The key factor in the success of this project was the collaboration between both Bluelab and Brebner Print design teams.

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